Healthy Choice Chicago seeks content from a variety of writers so that our readers receive a wide range of perspectives on a variety of topics. We also encourage submissions from nonprofit organizations about their work.

    What's the difference for us between a Blogger and a Guest Author? The answer is the amount of involvement, and where your submissions will be available to readers.

    A Guest Author is an individual that is interested is submitting just one article, or perhaps a few. We welcome these articles and encourage you to submit a query letter after reviewing our website to see the types of articles we accept. (Please read the submission guidelines below.) Articles are usually included in the online "magazine" portion of our web site.

    A Blogger is a person who wants to submit regularly (at least twice a month) and establish a more formal arrangement. Posting your content at allows you to reach additional readers. We add your name to our Blogroll, provide you a landing page to describe yourself and aggregate your posts, and may include your content in our online magazine. You can submit original articles or repost your blogs, with links back to your site to drive traffic to you. Blog posts are found in the Blogs section of our web site.

    NOTE: We do not pay for content. We do provide full attribution to all contributors, including their bios and links to their sites. Our authors and bloggers benefit from increased exposure, and we work to have articles reposted on our cross-post sites. We encourage authors to "toot their horn" by posting their article's link on their websites, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

    Cross-Posts. We work with several websites to share and cross-post (with attribution) selected content between our sites, and we provide a landing page to aggregate each site's posts.


    Healthy Choice Chicago helps readers live healthy and sustainably and make conscious consumer choices that promote healthy and green living in their daily lives. Our articles cover personal and societal health issues and a variety of green topics and approaches to solving sustainability problems — within the home and around the world. There are no monthly editorial themes, but we do have seasonal articles.

    Types of articles we are looking for: How-to-guides, healthy living tips, recipes — all cuisines including vegetarian and vegan, recycling, simple living, results of new research, interesting stories about pioneering or especially effective work being done by individuals or organizations, innovative approaches to health or environmental problems, etc. Articles should be focused and well written, and in the range of 250 to 800 words at minimum. Longer articles are also welcome.

    Specialty articles that are somewhat technical, cover specialized topics, or apply to a specific town, state, or country are also welcome provided the general principles they illustrate are made obvious and understandable by readers who may not be familiar with the particular facts of your topic. Include how these principles would be or are being applied to areas that are familiar to the average reader. Larger and longer topics may benefit from simplified introductions that interest the reader and then link the introduction to the more arcane material presented on your own web site.

Mission Statement

Ideas for living healthier with minimum hassle or stress. No need to be an expert, just contribute what has been useful so others can consider it for themselves.

Privacy Policy

We Do Not collect personal information about you when you visit our website. If you choose to provide us with personal information by sending an e-mail, your e-mail address and contact information is kept completely confidential.