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Blink! Blink! Blink!

    What if you could blink away your problems? What would life be like if you could release unwanted stress, trauma, thoughts, feelings and behaviors in the blink of an eye?

    Life would be different, wouldn't it?

    Dr. Ranae Johnson, founder of the Rapid Eye Institute, might have been asking herself those very questions nearly 27 years ago. Her quest to help bring her autistic son into joy and balance led Dr. Johnson to one of the greatest holistic healing models available today.

    Rapid Eye Technology changes lives. It heals families. It transforms dis-ease into health. It creates success. And it unveils spiritual power. At the heart of Rapid Eye Technology is the sense of the sacred — an awareness that each person is in essence a perfect spiritual being.

    How RET Works

    RET is an alternative form of energy therapy releasing stress, trauma and unwanted patterns, and replacing them with a positive state of wholeness and health. RET is similar to the brain activity we experience during the dream state when rapid eye movement causes a natural discharge of emotional memory.

    However, with RET you are fully awake, conscious and able to choose what is being released. The certified technician uses an eye directing device, rapid eye movement in the NLP [neurolinguistic programming] modalities, verbal scripting, imagery work, chakra clearing, energy realignment, life skills and various body learning techniques to bring you into a natural state of healing.

    To further examine this technique, we must look closer at brain activity. There are countless numbers of tiny "highways" in the brain known as neuro pathways. These are grooves that have been formed in the brain by repeated thought activity related to a specific subject. We seldom realize when a neuro pathway is being accessed and fired. For instance, the tying of your shoe is stored in its own neuro pathway. Every time you tie your shoe that "highway" opens up. The result is a tied shoe. Did you have to think about it? No, the action was automatic.

    Now let's go from our shoes to our lives. When we find ourselves caught in behavior patterns that cause unwanted problems, such as poor health, we are triggering a neuro pathway and automatically responding to the traffic moving on that "highway." For instance, all feelings of being trapped are stored on one highway, one neuro pathway. The first vehicle to drive on that road may have been when you were six years old and your big brother locked you in the closet for fun. Or when you were being born and you got stuck in the birth canal. Forever after, any experiences that even remotely made you feel trapped were filed in that neuro pathway. How often do we hear people complaining about being trapped in a marriage, relationship, job or business? Once that neuro pathway has its first traumatic deposit, that groove continues to become deeper and more filled with traffic. It doesn't take long before it becomes rush hour in your brain.

    RET empties the neuro pathways of the information that has accumulated. Therefore, repetitious patterns that you have not been able to successfully control simply disappear. The traffic is cleared from the "highway" and it can no longer cause you to perpetuate unwanted events, relationships, circumstances or behaviors.

    Once the neuro pathways are cleared, the RET practitioner assists you in reloading them with new, positive information that will result in new, positive and different behavior patterns. A heightened sense of self-esteem, greater spiritual awareness and an overall sense of peace and well-being become the new way of life. This is done through various RET techniques as well as through teaching what is called Skills for Life.

    Rapid Eye Technology is often mistaken for EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing). While EMDR is an effective tool, it differs greatly from RET. EMDR incorporates two–five moves or techniques, RET employs over 26 different techniques.

    One of those 26 techniques is called IRT (Immediate Release Technique). IRT is a simple combination of sequential tapping on various acupressure points combined with eye movement that can be used by the client between sessions to alleviate emotional imbalances that may occur. This Immediate Release Technique is taught to individual clients as well as through workshops and seminars.

    IRT also includes the use of an eye patch to manage stress through temporarily disengaging one hemisphere of the brain and then the other. The IRT portion of Rapid Eye Technology is essentially a self care program for those who wish to strengthen their energy management skills.

    A Practical Self-Care Tool: Eye Patching

    Eye patching is an easy, inexpensive way to manage your emotional and energetic state. First put the eye patch on one eye for five to fifteen minutes, then the other eye. Keep both eyes open during this process. Notice which patched eye makes you feel the best — which one makes you feel the most relaxed and comfortable. That will be the eye you will be patching whenever any issue arises that causes emotional upset or stress. For instance, you may be having a phone call with an ex-spouse that could be confrontational. A few minutes prior to and during the call put the eye patch on the eye you have found to be the most comfortable. You will be more relaxed and less reactive during the conversation. A confrontation is much less likely to occur while eye patching. The principle behind the success of the eye patching technique is that it quiets the left brain and enhances the right brain. The left brain will argue and debate, the right brain will keep you centered and loving. Eye patch anytime you feel upset about any issue. You will literally "see" things differently! NOTE: Please do not use a patch while driving or using a knife.

    For more information on eye patching, other self care tools and more information on RET, see

    There are approximately 4,000 Rapid Eye Practitioners worldwide. A great majority of them have received their certification in the last two–five years. Some say this is because the mass consciousness has evolved to a place of readiness for this transcendent work. As a people, we are more ready than ever before to let go of pain, suffering and limitation. In their place, we are finding expansion, peace and an unlimited ability to create the lives we desire. As a species, we are ready to move from Human Being to Human Magnificence. Are you ready to claim your power and make this move? There are 4,000 of us who pray that you are.

    Paula Bronte, MRET, has been helping people heal through RET since 1998. She is in private practice with Dr. Amy Derksen at Holistic Healing Arts in Edmonds, Washington. Paula's first book, A Call to Mastery, Living the Art of Ascension, is available on her web site or from and details her experiences while serving with the Peace Corps in Suriname. Paula also has five short videos available on Youtube. Free 30 minute consultations available, as are private, group, phone or skype RET sessions. She can be contacted at, 206-261-2046, or at

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